However you've come to my site, I'm happy to have you here! I'm a consultant in several different areas, as well as a writer, public speaker, and an artist. Take a look around here for examples of my work or book a meeting with me at calendly.com/sarahdew 

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Essays, white papers, letters, plays, short stories, long stories, autobiographical works, poetry... Content usually dictates the form I choose.

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Public Speaking

Whether it's on the subject of accessibility & engagement, team management and culture building, or my own journies with PTSD and concussions, I enjoy speaking and connecting with audiences of all sizes.

DEI & Access

Working with organizations and individuals to better our understandings of the model of social disability and how humans can do better for and with each other, by promoting Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accesibility.


What makes for the most engaged customers and coworkers?  The ideas of 'Radical Hospitality' and hyper-engagement are central to how we build communities.

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Arts, Culture, & Entertainment Industries

The past few years have seen a massive shakeup in the culture industries. How do we put our best feet forward as we head into the next cultural era?

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What makes people tick and what makes them stay involved? How do people come together to form a group with greater potential than the sum of its parts?

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I've had over 20 concussions from my time as a lacrosse goalie and as someone with a genetic predisposition for clumsiness.  It has been a hard road to navigate, and head injuries look different for every person every time.  Click below for the resources and tools that have helped me in my journey.


I like to paint note cards and pieces for my friends. Want a handpainted card? Send me your mailing address below!