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What's in a concussion?

Concussions happen when an impact to the skull rattles the brain around, essentially bruising the brain. Head injuries can be difficult to spot, and even more difficult to explain if you have one.

I've had over 20 concussions in my life. I was a lacrosse goalie for many years and I'm accident prone. I've got PTSD, TMJ in my jaw, some chronic pain andother issues. But I've built a new normal for myself, and want to be a resource for folks who are going through similar things.

Below are some reasources and helpful tools I've collected over the years. Feel free to send me a message in the contact field below if you want to chat.

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Resources for Concussions and Chronic Issues

Resources I've found helpful over the years

I'm not recieving any kickbacks for any of the above- just a list of things that help from years of trial and error.  Shoot me a message below if you want to chat!

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