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Hi! I'm Ellie.

You're probably here because you followed a QR cocde from my human! I'm a service dog (in training!) helping my human with her issues of PTSD and TBI. This page has some links and FAQ about ADA requirements and how we work as a team:


  • What is a Service Dog?

    • Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.

  • What's the difference before an Emotional Support Animal and a Service Dog?

    • Basically an ESA helps their human simply by being around them. A service dog istrained to help with a specific task or tasks. ESA's have some rights int erms of housing and travel, but they don't have the same rights as Service Dogs. Service Dogs are legally allowed access to any public place.

  • What kind of proof do you have?

    • You can only ask two questions of a handler and their Service Dog

      1. Is the service dog required because of a disability?​

      2. What task has he/she been trained to perform to help with this disability?

    • In the US there is no "certification" or "paperwork" required. In spite of this, you'll see many sources offering to sell official paperwork for both ESA's and SD's. These are scams.​

  •  But your human doesn't look disabled....

    • Not all disabilities are visible! My human experiences panic attacks and anxiety frequently from overstimulation, stemming from a long line of head injuries sustained as a lacrosse goalie and as an incredibly accident prone being. Her official diagnosis is PTSD and TBI. She's got a lot of other symptoms too, and I help ease many of them.

I help my disabled human via trained tasks such as

  • providing a non-protective barrier between my human and others when in public

  • leading her through crowded or overstimulative areas to quieter spaces

  • grounding her when she gets dizzy or overwhelmed.

  • We're working on other tasks too, but I'm still in training, so stay tuned!

You can follow our adventures on instagram @elliebell929

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