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Founder & Creative Lead, Hitchhiker Designs
Accesibility & Inclusion Advocate
Public Speaker

Global System Training Manager
(for a cloud based software company)


Clear Mask

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The Gingered Peach

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This American Wife

May 20-29, livestream. Tickets here!

Me in Search of You

I cannot recommend this debut novel from Jenna Langbaum highly enough!


However you've come to my site, I'm happy to have you here! I'm a consultant in several different areas, as well as a writer, public speaker, and an artist. Take a look around here for examples of my work or book a meeting with me at 

Wishing you well,


DEI & Access

Working with organizations and individuals to better our understandings of the model of social disability and how humans can do better for and with each other, by promoting Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accesibility.

I've had over 20 concussions from my time as a lacrosse goalie and as someone with a genetic predisposition for clumsiness.  It has been a hard road to navigate, and head injuries look different for every person every time.  Eventually I'll have a space here for resources I've compiled over the years, but for now if you want to chat one on one, click below!

Whether it's on the subject of accessibility & engagement, team management and culture building, or my own journies with PTSD and concussions, I enjoy speaking and connecting with audiences of all sizes.

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