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Brigid Amos

I'm an NTI alum from way back, and have to express my bewilderment at this whole discussion, because I really don't remember these apprentices during the school year. If the program has grown to the extent that these professionals are needed to run it, then hire them as full time staff. Pay a wage that allows them to live in New London. I understand serving as a volunteer and getting a stipend. I did that in the Bay Area. But I was helping an at risk youth population, and I did not expect it to lead to a professional position. Also, I had way more free time than what I see in this description. If you can't afford to hire people to do real work, then cut back. Better that than taking in apprentices every year, many of whom may have nowhere to go afterward. This to me sounds like a real full time job, so why not actually employ someone?

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